The Veterans

Monument in Dean’s Park, York Minster

The monument to 2nd Division is reproduced in smaller size in the Dean’s Park beside York Minster.  Here, a Memorial Service and lunch is held each July.  In 2024, it will be on July 4th.  After the laying of wreaths, Kohima veterans and their families would return to Imphal Barracks for lunch and then across the barracks to visit the Kohima Museum.  As the years have passed, fewer veterans have been able to attend, but attendance by those who remember them has remained strong.

60th Anniversary Reunion.
The lady behind the flag is Countess Mountbatten.
To her right is Ray Street of the Royal West Kents.
The flag was captured by the Japanese in Singapore.  
60th Anniversary Reunion Royal West Kents
Kohima survivors of the British 2nd Division and the Japanese 31st Division, York 1984

Kohima survivors of the Japanese 31st Division, York 1984
Bill Crabb (2nd Manchesters)
1919 – 2009
Queen Elizabeth II meeting veterans during her visit to Imphal Barracks in 1983

Youtube video of Kohima veterans honoured at Buckingham Palace.